Hi! I'm Aly

I’m so glad you came to visit my little corner of the interwebs. I suppose you’re here to read a little more about me, and the first thing you’ll likely learn is that I’m terrible at writing about myself. That aside, let me do my best. 

I’m based in the most beautiful of places: Victoria, BC. Originally from Vancouver, I moved to Victoria for university 8 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. The community and friendships I’ve built for myself in this quiet corner of the world have shaped me into the person I am today - a fiercely creative and playful gal, with a flare for goofball-ery (that’s a word right?). 

In my free time you’ll most likely find me trying out new restaurants, meeting up with friends at a local brewpub, boxing at my gym, cooking (albeit badly) at home, or reading a Harry Potter book.

The following 5 things are what you can expect during a photo session with me: 

  • A grand ol’ time, filled with laughter, movement, and memorable moments
  • Next-level organization skills will make our shoot a breeze - leaving more room for spontaneous shots and loads of fun
  • Sensitivity and a plan of action for any potential preferences and/or insecurities
  • A truly frightening number of Dad Jokes
  • Me laughing at my own Dad Jokes, when nobody else does

All photos of me are by @natalieschulte during our Greek holiday <3

Client love

Woppenkamp Family

“I’m so grateful for Aly’s professionalism and vision. Our family hadn’t had a photo together in this way in many years and, well we want to remember 2020 in a positive light. It was so stormy during our session. I felt so defeated by the weather and only hoped for one good shot. Aly delivered over 30 great shots. She captured my kids being themselves, my husband and I in love and us all in joy. Thank you Aly.”

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