Hi! I'm Aly.

You can consider me your fearless photographer/ professional third wheel/ wacky paparazzi /new friend (if I'm lucky)!

I’m based in the most beautiful of places: Victoria, BC. Originally from Vancouver, I moved to Victoria for university 9 years ago and I've never looked back. When I was finishing up my degree at UVic, a friend of mine from high school asked, "So, when are you going back?" I replied with simply, "Going back?" It didn't even occur to me that people DID that. That's just how great Victoria is!

The friendships and community I’ve built for myself in this quiet corner of the world have shaped me into the person I am today - a fiercely creative and playful gal, with a flare for goofball-ery (that’s a word right?). Don't get me wrong, I am definitely an introvert overall, but when I get behind a camera - BAM! The love of the work takes over and suddenly I'm creative director, stylist, prop master, location coordinator and your No.1 hype woman.

In my free time you’ll most likely find me trying out new restaurants, meeting up with friends at a local brewpub, boxing at my gym, cooking (well not so much cooking as getting the most out of whatever vegetable is decaying in my fridge), petting a dog, or reading a Harry Potter book for the 100th time (the 7th is my favourite).

The following 5 things are what you can expect during a photo session with me: 

  • A grand ol’ time, filled with laughter, movement, and memorable moments
  • Next-level organization skills that will make our shoot a breeze - leaving more room for spontaneous shots and lots of fun
  • Sensitivity and a plan of action for any potential preferences and/or insecurities
  • A truly frightening number of Dad Jokes
  • Me laughing at my own Dad Jokes, when nobody else does

Still have questions or ready to book? Reach out to me here!

Client love

Meagan + Owen

“My partner and I both feel awkward in front of a camera and were very nervous about having our photos taken. I am happy to say that Aly made us feel so comfortable and she ended up feeling more like a guest to us. She is such a warm and happy person.

I am beyond grateful that we chose Aly to photograph our special day, and SO thrilled about how the photos turned out.”

01 / 09