How incredible is it to say that your graduation day was also your brother's and step father's graduation day?

AND you're graduating from the same University that your mom teaches at!

To say that this graduation photo shoot was a family affair doesn't truly do the event justice. Alexandra and her family celebrated the day by booking a family photo shoot at Hatley Castle with yours truly. We wandered the Royal Roads University grounds, taking in the beauty of their school on a sunny day in November.

Family holding out graduation cookies and graduation photo shoot

What better way to celebrate than to eat custom graduation cookies?

It was an emotional day, to say the least.

After taking some family portraits, things got glamourous. With the imposing facade of Hatley Castle to inspire them, Alexandra and her family embraced their inner royalty.

We finished off our one hour session together by creating some fun GIFs.

Who doesn't love a good GIF?

Congratulations Grads!

If you're interested in inquiring about a graduation photo shoot in Victoria, BC then please don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime at 🤗