As you can see, we had the photo theme planned in advance.

This is a must for any trip where you anticipate a photographer harassing you for most of it.

Tofino is a paradise for those adventurers willing to brave the sideways rain and piercing cold for the rewards of silent sleeps, expansive beaches and cute surfers. Myself and my bubble of girlfriends (we all live alone - don't @ me) stayed in a spacious guest house within walking distance of Mackenzie Beach. We rented bikes from Tofino Bike Co. and saw the town like the low-key-cycling-enthusiasts-who-enjoy-it-but-also-won't-be-donning-lycra-anytime-soon gals we are.

**Disclaimer: I was listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack while writing most of this, and so it is way more dramatic than it has any right to be.

Chapter 1: Dreadful misfortune turns to lighthearted gaiety (with snacks!)

Due to some bad karma (I mean, I'm just guessing here but seems likely) we missed the highway closure window and got stuck on the Port Alberni side. Not a nice side to be on. Sorry Port Alberni, but everyone was thinking it. We drove back to a picturesque rest stop for snacks and to wait the 4 HOURS until the highway reopened. Moods were bleak at the outset, but in the end we all agreed that it was an unforeseen stroke of luck, as we got to see some truly beautiful spots that we would not have otherwise.

P.S. If anyone ever actually reads this, please click that Google Maps link because it took me an embarrassingly long time to find the right spot and I really don't want to have virtually wandered a large stretch of highway for nothing.

Courtney was very productive in the car.

Chapter 2: The one where we quickly become enchanted by Tofino and are still unsuspecting of the horrors Zeus has in store for us

Approximately one eternity later (or 5 hours) we arrived at our Airbnb. We unpacked the car and then headed straight for the closest beach to make the most of the remaining hour of sunlight.

Steph and Courtney listening to the rock. It was so cool and simultaneously disgusting to hear all the things moving around in there.

Dance Party - But Make it Tofino

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Chapter 3: The dark day. A.K.A. The largely undocumented one

For the sake of my precious camera, only half of this day was subject to my frantic paparazzi tendencies. The rain and wind gradually became more aggressive, and so I decided to leave my camera in the safety of the car after we left Tonquin Beach. By the time we returned to the Airbnb (after surveying town, Chesterman Beach and Cox Bay) we were soaked to a point I personally found comparable to my soccer days in Vancouver. You know, the level of such squelchy discomfort that you could throw yourself into a pile of mud and come out feeling drier than when you jumped in? Luckily our place had a hot tub and so it didn't take us long to feel human again.

Our attempts to dry Courtney's only pair of pants.

Chapter 4: We form a biker gang

After a nutritious breakfast of sausages and croissants we once more launched ourselves on the small and unsuspecting town of Tofino, this time via bicycle. It might have been a little fun... only a little.

Chapter 5: We leave Tofino to nurse its wounded

That truly says it all. We said, "Goodbye" to our comfortable accommodations and took to the road. Till next time Tofino!